Description of safety signs

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The safety signs are classified into four categories: prohibition signs, warning signs, command signs, and warning signs, as well as supplementary signs. Among them, related to power engineering is the warning sign.

The meaning of a warning sign is to warn people of the dangers that can occur.

The geometry of the warning sign is a black regular triangle, a black symbol, and a yellow background.

There are 30 warning signs in China, such as: pay attention to safety, beware of electric shock, beware of explosions, beware of fire, beware of corrosion, beware of poisoning, beware of mechanical injury, beware of hurting hands, beware of hanging objects, be careful Beware of falling objects, beware of falling, beware of vehicles, beware of arcs, beware of topping, beware of gas, beware of landslides, beware of pits, beware of ionizing radiation, beware of fissile material, beware of lasers, beware of microwaves, beware of slipping, etc.

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