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British Standard Pipeline Information Tapes

These tapes can be used to create a basic identification band or they can be cut and used as specific labels.1.Recommended to be used at point where exposure to pipe contents is likely.2.These durable tapes will withstand temperatures from

Hazard Warning Sighs

S/A=Self Adhesive Vinyl
Rigid=1mm Rigid Plastic

Earth Labels

1.These labels comply with BS-EN 60617-2: 1996, IEC 60617-2:1996.
2.Material: Self-adhesive Vinyl.
3.Format: 100 labels per sheet.

Electrical Inspection Labels

Self Adhesive vinyl labels are ideal for quick and simple identification of equipment that has been locked out.

Electrical Inspection Labels

Identify electrical equipment easily and quickly by using these inspection labels.
Available in self adhesive vinyl.250 labels per pack, sizes are mm.

Weee Regulation Labels

1.The waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive(WEEE) aims to encourage the reuse and recycling of electrical equipment.All electrical equipment put onto the market in the EU has to be labeled to conform to the

Plug Warning Labels

1.Highly visible warning labels for plug identification.
2.Supplied in packs of 10
3.Size: 30mm

Electrical Cabel Marking Labels

1.These highly visible cable marking labels are easy to apply. Simply peel off the label backing and fix around your electrical cable.
2.Material: Self-adhesive vinyl.
3.Size: 30×90mm.

Write On Cable Marking Lables

1.Simply write on your information, peel off the label backing and fix around your electrical cabling.2.Material: Self-adhesive vinyl.3.Size: 40×90mm.4.Sold in packs of 250 labels.

Safety Labels

1.These internationally recognised labels, supplied in packs of 250, will help you identify and understand potentially hazardous situations quickly.2.Material: Self-adhesive vinyl.3.Each label size 50mm×50mm