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Pneumatic Quick Disconnect Lockout BD-Q01

1,Made from engineering plastic nylon PA
2,Unique design with wide usage
3,Without auxiliary tools,use more convenient.
4,With the holes in the center and side, make it two usage

Air Source Lockout

Made from No.304 stainless steel.
Applied to the fittings and prevents it from being reconnected to the pressurized air source. Fits virtually all pneumatic fittings used in manufacturing facilities.

Cylinder Tank Lockout BD-Q21

1,Made from engineering plastic ABS
2,Safety warning label is available.
3,Smooth surface without burr
4,Concentric lock structure

Cylinder Tank Lockout BD-Q31

1,Engineering plastic PP
2,Sticker can be attached to the body and write on with pen
3,The surface is glossy
4,The screw thread is not need to Coincide