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Nylon Lockout Hasp BD-K43

Nylon Lockout Hasp BD-K43

Product Parameter
BD-K43 Parameter Details
Nylon Hasp Lockout
Part code: BD-K43
Color: Red(Other colors can be OEM)
Material: Modified PP
Application field: Apply to place where electric power isolation and lock, high require-
ment of corrosive or explosion-proof places.
Size: 41.5×193×6(thickness)mm
Weight: 23g
Description: Allow 6 padlcoks to lock it.

Products Introduction
1,High strength engineering plastic modified PP
2,Side opening design, more convenient to lock
3,Use imported equipment to finish injection molding,
No spots on surface, smooth and beautiful

Products Detail
1. Matte texture design
2. Lock hole diameter:7mm
3. Warning label can be OEM
Warning label can be customized in Chinese and English

Product Application