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Nylon Lockout Hasp BD-K42

Nylon Lockout Hasp BD-K42

Product Parameter
BD-K42 Specifications
Brand: BOSHI
Color: Metallic
Material: modified PP
Process: Apply to electric power isolation and lock, high requirement of corrosive or explosion-proof places.
Size: 43* 173* 6mm
Weight: 23g
Description: Can allow six worker to lock out a single source at same time.

Products Introduction
1,High quality modified PP: Made from Import Dupont material
2,With Push design:  lock out conveniently
3,Integral injection molding: No spots on the surface of the product

Products Detail
1. Double frosted sides design: Effectively increase friction
2. Φ 9mm holes: Suitable for almost all of the padlock
3. Can customer made warning sign sticker:  hasp lockout come standard with English, Chinese or other languages are available.

Product Application