How to choose and maintain a safety lock?

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Safety locks are a kind of safety lock. Safety locks are usually divided into safety locks, electrical switch locks, electrical plug locks, circuit breaker locks, valve locks, and cable locks, etc. Usually, safety locks are used together with other safety locks. Safety locks can be used alone, but other safety locks cannot. Therefore, safety locks are widely used and the market demand is also very large. So how should I buy a safety lock? How to maintain it during use?

Here is the content list:

  1. The purchase of safety locks
  2. Maintenance of safety lock

The purchase of safety locks

The concept of safety locks has not entered the domestic market for a short time. The products of safety locks on the market are also uneven, good and bad. The purchasers of many companies are at a loss when choosing safety locks, so users should choose well-known and long-established padlocks. Big brands or brand agents, because have sufficient economic strength and a stable network system to guarantee service and after-sales, and avoid disputes caused by product quality problems.

Look at the surface treatment

Safety locks are generally electroplated, sprayed, or colored before they leave the factory. These steps are beneficial to the safety lock itself because, after this series of treatments, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the safety lock, which can prevent corrosion and oxidation.

Hand weight ratio

Safety locks that cut corners are generally made of hollow and low-quality materials, which are not only light but also feel bad in use.

Look at the safety standards

There are very strict standards for safety locks at home and abroad. To save costs, small manufacturers will not follow the standards, while large brands generally follow the standards.

Maintenance of safety lock

The safety lock must not be exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time, especially some rainwater in a more acidic environment, which is likely to corrode the safety lock, and if it is serious, it will cause the safety lock to be difficult to unlock.

We also need to protect the safety lock in daily use, so that it can be cleaned at any time. Of course, do not arbitrarily pour the debris into the lock during cleaning or use. If there are sundries in the safety lock, you can use leaded powder, lubricating oil, etc. to drip into the lock to open the safety lock.

Thermal expansion and contraction will also cause difficulty in opening the safety lock. The correct way to deal with it is to take protective measures for the safety lock in advance when the weather changes. You can make a plastic shell for the safety lock to protect it.

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