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Multi Function MCB Lockout BD-D14

Product Parameter
Brand: BOSHI
Item: BD-D14
Color: Red, other color can be custom mode
Material: Polypropylene (PP) & Metal
Weight: 23g
Size: 41*14*38mm
Description: Locked with one padlock, lock shackle ≤ 7mm
Package: polybag
Explain: Applicable to all kinds of small and medium size MCCB, and any miniature circuit breaker.(This item have appearance function patent)

Proprietary Technology
1. Import material
2. Logo custom made service
3. Widely usage
4. Easy for locking

Products Advantage
1, Imported material and high quality processing: Made from engineering plastic strengthened nylon PA and chrome plated brass screw. Strengthened nylon PA + chrome plated brass screw
2, With locking screw, no need other tools to lock.In order to use more expediently, and easy to carry with, we design this item.
Compared with old similar item, can lock the breaker without screwdriver. The diameter of screw is bigger than the old one, screwing up comfortable and labor saving.
3, Wildly usage: Applicable to all kinds of small and medium size MCCB, and any miniature circuit breaker.(No need to adjust the panel or breaker)
4, Logo custom made service: can be customized stainless steel brand.

Detail Display
1.Simple and novel appearance
2.Effectively strengthen the structure
The thinnest is 3mm
3.Fine matching bending screw
4.Human engineering texture
The three bumps on the lock body can make the positioning circuit breaker more easily and accurately.
The texture on screw can make rotating screw more easily