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480v~600v Breaker Lockout (Break Blocker Components)

Made from engineering plastic alloy.b.Back self-adhesive track can fix on the distributor forever–clean the surface of the distributor no hole needed.c.To lock the special large or unique shape switch, the length of the rod is 19cm.d.Red stop

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Lockout

a.Made from rugged reinforced nylon PA.b.Can lock it with screw driver.c.Can accommodate one safety padlock with shackle diameter ≤7mm.d.Can lock all kinds of circuit breakers.

Multi-Function Circuit Breaker Lockout BD-D15W

With locking screw, no need other tools to lock.
In order to use more expediently, and easy to carry with, we design this item.
Compared with old similar item, can lock the breaker without screwdriver. The diameter of screw is bigger than the old one, screwing up comfortable and labor saving.

Multi-Function Circuit Breaker Lockout BD-D15

1. Imported material
2. Logo custom made service
3. Widely usage
4. Easy for locking

Large Type Circuit Breaker Lockout BD-D16(D16L)

Wildly usage: Applicable to all kinds of small and medium size MCCB, and any miniature circuit breaker.(No need to adjust the panel or breaker)
Explain: For a large variety of MCCB (handle thickness ≤20mm) and special button type of circuit breaker,