Lock Management Box XPG

Lock Management Box
Lock Management Box
Lock Management Box
Lock Management Box
Lock Management Box
Product Description

Name: Padlock Station


Model: XPG


Material: PC

Color: Yellow; customizable

Description: Applicable to various large-scale Loto lock storage management,there are 6 models, can choose any combination.

Model Description
XPG1 Can accommodate 20 padlocks, 4 hasps, several tags, and cable ties
XPG2 Holds 60 padlocks
XPG3 Can hold 30 padlocks, 6 hasps,Several hangtags and cable ties
XPG4 Can accommodate 30 padlocks, several hang tags, cable ties, small locks, etc.
XPG5 Can accommodate 40 padlocks, several hang tags, cable ties, small locks, etc.
XPG6 Can accommodate 20 personal padlocks and 20 personal information labels.
  • Structural design:

  1. The dust-proof lock management workstation side-door design utilizes the space on the side to make the lock management workstation look simple; Convenient operation and  safety

  2. Visual design: Using a transparent visual dust-proof panel, you can understand company documents and the management status of each lock, and it also plays a dust-proof role, protecting the files in the lock station and each lock from dust and preventing the loss of the lock.

  3.Personalized zoning, reasonable zoning: Place locks, tags, and equipment in fixed locations to help authorized workers maintain security and compliance.

  4.Multi-person management: The panel of the lockout/tagout process management board contains four padlock holes, allowing for lock management to prevent others from taking it at will

  5.Customized combination: Each transparent dust-proof lock box is equipped with padlock positions, buckle positions, several tags, ties, small locks, etc., which can be freely combined and hung with secure padlocks and other secure locks that can be hung.

  • Support customized services:

  1. Customized content: The visual management mode can provide other permutations and combinations based on customer needs.
  2. Customized colors: Different colors can be customized according to your needs.
  3. Customized logo: label content can be customized and supports multiple languages.

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