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Electrical Hole Lockout

Can custom made kinds of rubber hole stopple to lock non-standard electrical hole and computer’s power socket.
Custom made different specification rubbers stopple according to electrical appliance hole to lock.

Multifunction Industrial Electrical Lockout

Made from engineering plastic alloy and A3 galvanized steel plate.
Can lock kinds of non-standard electrical products or distribution cabinet.

Industrial Waterproof Plug Lockout BD-D46

Material: PC Engineering Plastics
Thickness: 25mm
Description: Support padlock diameter≤7mm
Explain: Applicable to all kinds of industrial waterproof plugs

Industrial Waterproof Socket Lockout BD-D45

1. Engineering material and high quality processing: Made from PP engineering plastic. Locking the base of the socket
2. Use with the hasp.Support several workers lock at the same time.
3.Various models, wide usages

Electrical / Pneumatic Pug Lockout BD-D31

Double open design, convenient to lock
Double open and quadrilateral lockout design, suitable for all kinds of electrical andpneumatic plug (max diameter 89mm, max length 127mm ) and air hose external screw thread adaptor.

Electrical Pug Lockout DB-D41

1. Engineering material and high quality processing: Made from PP engineering plastic.PP
2. Facile Design—easy to lock Support 2 to 4 padlocks(dia≤7mm) at the same time
3. Logo custom made service: provide dedicated labels

Electrical Pug Lockout DB-D41-D43

1.Import material
2.Label service
3.Easy for locking
Electric lockout, isolation safety