Lockout / Tagout Procedures

November 09, 2023



1. No changes, adjustments or repairs that require shutting down the machine may be made without the consent of the operator and supervisor.

2. If a machine has more than one operator, each operator should attach their own lock and tag.

3. When an operator is assigned a new job before the operation is completed and the machine has to remain locked, the person concerned should notify his supervisor before removing the lock/tag. The supervisor will then lockout/tagout the machine or arrange for a lockout/tagout before the first operator removes his locks and tags.

4. No one may attempt to operate the control device after it is locked or tagged.

5. When a job is transferred from one shift to another, the person or supervisor responsible for releasing the lockout/tagout should attach the lock/tag before the person leaving the shift removes their lockout/tagout. If supervisors attach their locks/tags to machinery, personnel who are about to report to work should attach their locks/tags to the equipment before starting work.

6. If the operator leaves the machine and forgets to remove his/her own locks/tags, the supervisor can follow established operating procedures to remove these locks/tags.

7. If requested by the operator, maintenance personnel should disconnect the power supply, and the operator and the disconnection personnel should attach their respective locks/tags to the control device.

8. When locking the electrical isolating switch, try operating all buttons to ensure that the correct switch has been opened.

9. Under no circumstances may anyone remove another person’s lock/tag, except under the circumstances specified in point 6.

10. Locks and tags used for lockout/tagout should not be used for any other purpose.

11. Supervisors should lock/tag out machines that have been out of operation for a long time (more than 8 hours).

12. Lockout/tagout procedures should be communicated to outside contractors and required to be followed.

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