Customized Landing Plan

November 08, 2023

Product description


1.Organize architecture

Lockout and tgaout process operation, basis for department setting and function planning


2.Device lockout management station (recommended for security personnel)

Equipment padlock: used to lockout equipment, regular equipment padlock—red padlock.

Normally open/normally closed padlock: white - normally open, black - normally closed, this is a special equipment lockout.

Hasp Lockout: The device padlock can be used with the hasp when locking the device.

Equipment tagout: According to equipment status such as normally open, locked, etc., use it with the corresponding padlock.

When necessary, the device lock is used in conjunction with hasp and tagout;


3.Cable Lockout Management Station (for security personnel)

It is used for lockout and isolation protection such as handwheel locking of gate valves, power cut-off and locking of electrical equipment, etc.


4.Electrical lockout management station (used by security personnel)

Circuit Breaker Lockout: Isolating Repairs to Electrical Equipment

Plug lockout: used for safe locking of industrial plugs;

Switch Lockout Protective Cover: It can be permanently installed on the control button to prevent accidental touch. 


5.Valve Lockout management station (used by security personnel)

Isolate and lock ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves and other valves.


6.Energy distribution map of isolation point

Mark the type and location of the energy source of the isolation point to facilitate the execution of operations


7.LOTO information board

Display the LOTO job ticket, which is convenient for viewing job information in real time.


8.Personal Bag/Lockout Kit

Lockout kit: For complex device lockout operations, when multiple people lockout operations, the device lock should be used together with the lockout kit.

Safety Lockout bag: The portable lockout bag is used to store locks and tools during locking operations.


9.Personal Padlock Management Station (recommended for maintenance / outsourcing personnel)

Personal padlocks: Padlocks are classified according to different types of work, departments, workshops, etc.;

Example: maintenance department—yellow padlock, public lock—blue padlock, etc. Personal tagout: Use corresponding padlocks according to different types of work, departments, and workshops.


10.Device Lock Demo Board

Simulate the locking point of on-site equipment, and learn how to use the appropriate lockout to effectively lock the equipment point.



Application process

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