Ball Valve Lockouts

Standard Ball Valve Lockout BD-F04

Standard Ball Valve Lockout BD-F04

Product Description

Standard Ball Valve Lockouts BD-F04

Product Parameter
Brand: BOSHI
Part code: BD-F04
Color: Red (other colors can be customized)
Material: A3 Steel Plate
Weight: 483g
Size: 230mm*122mm*80mm
Suitable for 38.1mm(1 1/2”) to 76.2mm(3”) pipes
Suitable for most of the plug valves in the market
Fit various plug valves

Proprietary Technology
1. Import material
2. Logo custom made service
3. Widely applications
4. Easy for locking
Electric lockout, isolation safety

Products Advantage
1. Technology:Surface treatment by high temperature is not easy to rust
2. Workmanship Works excellent:precise mould with glossy surface
Die precision surface will not appear burr.The product surface smooth and delicate,easy to use,give you the best quality of the products.
3. Proper structure design:Operation effort
Proper structure design,reasonable gap between components,Operation effort,effectively reduce the resistance between the parts of the products use
4. Material:standard A3 steel plate,High quality durable material

Detail Display
The Hole Design Appropriate size Allow many workers to lock out at the same time
Support 6 padlocks

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