Ball Valve Lockouts

Adjustable Flanged Ball Valve Lockout BD-F08

Adjustable Flanged Ball Valve Lockout BD-F08

Product Description

Adjustable Flanged Ball Valve Lockouts BD-F08

Product Parameter
Brand: Boshi/OEM
Part Code: BD-F08
Color: Red
Material: PP
Weight: 210g
Size: 125×137×78
Applicable objects: Suitable for  ( ) to  ( ) flanged ball valves.
Lock hole quantity: 3
Custom color: Oher colors can be customized.
Custom Material: Flame-retardant materials
Applicable to most of ball valvesin the market.
Suitable to Flanged Ball Valve

Products Advantage
1. Technique:PP molecular strength structure
Shock Resistance, high crack resistance and uniform injection
2. Exquisite workmanship
Precision molds with smooth surface
3. Smooth
Effortless operation, reduce the resistance between the parts of product
4. material Import material: High quality durable material
Made from polypropylene PP, high crack resistance, high wear resistance, resistance to extreme temperature changes(-46℃ to 183℃)

Detail Display
Can allow at most 3 pcs of padlocks to lock it, several people lock it  at the same time.
1,Lock hole design,Proper size, allow several people to lock it.
2,Customizing labels is available,Can custom made warning label in Chinese or English.
3,Strong Structure,The thickness of lock body is 3mm.

Product Application

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